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ICC Sydney seating project management and installation

Seating Project Advisory, Management and Installation

With over 30 years of experience, Mark Jeffery and his team are able to provide turnkey solutions to enhance most educational, sporting stadium and entertainment venues. Their offering is wide and varied with audits at the initial project-planning phase, which may entail site surveys, plan layout assessment and reviews, seating recommendations, acquisition and installations. They also specialise in offering environmentally responsible venue clearing, which includes the removal and recycling of the existing carpet, seating componentry and rubbish as well as some minor structural demolition. Once completed they are able to then offer to acquire and install the selected seats and also project manage the coordination of the complete fit-out with the builder, site manager and other necessary trades people. This is to ensure that the timeline and all work is completed as per your agreement. With their experienced insights, your project will save time and money whilst also ensuring the expected project is delivered on time and budget.

Tiered seating system solution was installed for the auditorium

School (Education) Space Conversion and Upgrades

Optimal Venue Solution’s specialist, Mark Jeffery, enjoys the challenges associated with compact space upgrades and space conversion and takes pride in his design thinking, especially for educational venues. Mark and his team look to offer different solutions to convert indoor auditoriums, lecture halls and sporting arenas, to maximise the potential opportunity for these confined areas. Often after reviewing the existing plans and or the venue, he and his team have found ways to enhance or save on the site clearing, the construction or even to optimise storage. Optimal Venue Solutions can deliver an opportunity to assist with maximising multifunctional usage, such as converting a sporting arena into a reception area for dinners or awards nights with the utilisation of a mix of fixed and retractable seating or staging, or just increase storage for sporting or other equipment. This company is able to offer scalable conversions and are happy to assist you with your requirements whether they are large or small in size.

Scheduled routine seating inspections are ideally managed by maintenance service agreements to sustain your fixed or retractable seating system

Seating Refurbishment and Maintenance Contract

Optimal Venue Solutions offer seating maintenance service agreements to schedule routine seating inspections to prolong the life of your seating. This is to avoid seating platform malfunctions and to ensure that hazardous situations are avoided at all costs. During the inspection, they are able rectify most minor seating problems but will also provide honest suggestions and viable solutions to limit the time taken to rectify a major issue. They also able to provide seating refurbishment or replacement where possible to enhance the longevity of your seating and will work with you to ensure the least amount of disruption to your venue when this process takes place. When major maintenance is required, this is best delivered either during university or school holidays or end of a game or show season. The company also offers an after hour service, should a major issue present itself, however this offer may come at an additional expense.

Maximising your spaces's seating, audio & staging potential

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Optimal Venue Solutions is a privately owned Australian seating installation company founded by Mark Jeffery. Mark has had over 30 years of varied and extensive experience within the education, sporting and entertainment venue sector. Their advisory and installers led by Mark, provide turnkey, seating installation projects from early planning to installation. Mark in particular, is truly excited by the potential of clearing and optimising a room or a massive stadium. He gains a great deal of satisfaction from exploring and converting the possibilities, to maximise the space’s potential particularly for the schools. Throughout this pursuit of excellence, Mark has travelled globally with his team to project manage, complicated installations of some of the largest sporting stadium and entertainment complexes in Australia and the world, as well as some of the smallest!


Solution focused, we are proud to offer a variety of opportunities for a number of industries including:
• Early project consultation and planning to optimise spatial capacity, for multiple refurbishment or
new seating options
• Specialising in limited space optimisation and conversions by utilising of a combination of fixed and
retractable seating systems in particular for the educational sector
• Seat sourcing or managing new chair design challenges directly with the design engineers
• Engaging with your architects to ensure better onsite cost savings for fit outs or refurbishments
• Coordinate with builder, facilities manager, union representatives and trades people to ensure the smooth
efficient delivery & installation of projects
• Environmentally responsible demolition, pull-outs & removal, installations, maintenance and refurbishment of your seating and venue
• Optimise sustainable packaging solutions to minimise wastage


Through extensive partnerships with companies such as global seating companies, Mark and his team have acquired substantial knowledge of the global seating industry. Over the years Mark in particular has faced ample challenges, which have been meet with resilience and foresight. In many instances he and his team have resolved issues before they actually have become a problem. Armed with this extensive knowledge Optimal Venue Solutions ensures that they provide a quality and professional service each and every time. They also continue to strive for the best outcomes for all of those involved.

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We have a history of providing quality, trusted results for a wide array of local and international clients.