Bukit Jalil Stadium, Malaysia

  • Bukit Jalil Stadium, Malaysia
  • Project Bukit Jalil Stadium seating
Client Bukit Jalil Stadium, Malaysia
Location Selangor, Malaysia
Scope Of Work Venue Management, Project Management, Seating Installation
  • Bukit Jalil Stadium, Malaysia
  • Project Bukit Jalil Stadium seating

Project Detail

Bukit Jalil Stadium: Fast Efficient Installation of 84,000 Fixed Seats

Stadium Seating Project Planning, Stadium Seating Project Management, Stadium Seating Installation, Logistical Management, Problems Solving

Mark Jeffery from Optimal Seating Solutions project managed the seating installation of the Bukit Jalil Stadium in Malaysia of 84,000 stadium seats of varying styles over 4 months, with multiple teams and multiple languages and cultural challenges.

Major events need competent professionals and support staff to deliver on time and on budget, particularly if there is a major building development involved, for example, The Bukit Jalil Stadium in Malaysia. This Stadium was chosen as the main venue to host the 29th Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) for August 2017. In order to maintain the standard set for the games, the Government decided that it was necessary to upgrade the stadium’s fixed seating through out the stadium.

The 3 Major Challenges For The 84,000 Seat Stadium

Time played a huge factor as a major challenge for the seating installation. The number of seats to be installed before the SEA Games started, and the time Mark had was limited. The installation process was hardening in differing colours, styles and installation processes.

The first major challenge was the time that was available prior to the commencement of the games.
 Mark had very little time to organize the project which, involved installing a number of seating styles with different placement, with different specified colour placement and installation processes. Product was not all available at the same time and a number of the seats that had been installed prior to Mark commencing were not correctly done.

Bukit Jalil Stadium layout for seat colour scheme placement

Bukit Jalil Stadium layout for seat colour scheme placement

The second obstacle was the sheer size of the project. The logistics of delivery and the number of laborers needed to assist with the installation. The teams were commissioned internationally and required close management, be placed in multiple teams, across the project. The teams had varying skill sets, spoke little or no English, with no real stadium refurbishment and seating installation experience with various cultural needs.

The third challenge was the large number of hierarchy, stakeholders and suppliers, who required constant liaison and reporting in order minimise their perceived risk of the deadline not being met.

How Seating Installation Process And Procedure Was Completed On Time

In order to meet the challenges set and complete the seating installation on time, here are the agile steps.

The Anticipation and Rectification of Potential Problems

Because of Mark’s extensive global experience with systems & procedures for large stadiums, he anticipated and alleviated any situation that could potentially escalate from a small problem to a large one. These skill sets were why he was commissioned to project manage the seating installation in a short time frame.

Measurements check for site specific details

Checking measurements for site specific details & adjusting set out

Flexible People Management and Up Skilling

Mark audited the skill sets of the teams and then setup the necessary training for the teams, to install the various seats properly. This involved the education of differing skill sets in order to rotate the teams across the stadium. As the process progressed he adjusted the training and upgraded the skill sets of the teams for continuous improvement of time management, systems and the processes.

Systemically Designed the Staging of the Installation

Mark systemically created workflow solutions to manage the enormity of the stadium installation. He controlled the logistical management as well as seeking alternative delivery options when necessary.

Not all products and attachments were available at the one time so the installation processes were designed to be flexible to incorporate the flow of the available items. A great deal of patience and diligence was drawn upon to time manage the teams to ensure the quality of the installations were to the appropriate standard and there was minimal time lost during the process.

Upper Management Liaison Skill Sets

During the project Mark also reported the stages of progress to the various stakeholders including upper management and the stadium’s architects. This involved:

  • Reporting on the various teams progress
  • Total logistical and cost management reporting
  • Fire testing reporting
  • Assisting to meet the requirements of local government standards for 
 dimension compliance to meet the necessary regulations for access and egress for the patrons to access seating areas.
  • The confirmation of the reconfiguration of the seating layouts, to conform 
 to new regulations and to meet the new design requirements.
  • Identifying and trouble shooting the potential non-completion of works by allied trades with suggested solutions for interface and coordination to ensure timelines would be met.
  • Offered continued improvement solutions for progress challenges.
Bukit Jalil Stadium multiple bays & level plan

Bukit Jalil Stadium multiple bay & level plan

Bukit Jalil Stadium single bay layout

Bukit Jalil Stadium single bay layout

Whilst still working across the major stadium Mark was then commissioned to run the installation of the smaller indoor multi-purpose stadium with retractable seating. This arena still presented the same challenges with the addition of 125,00 seats with another seat type and ran the installation teams as well to complete that installation.

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