Seating & Carpet Removal, Sustainable Recycling

Seating & Carpet Removal, Sustainable Recycling 

For many years Optimal Venue Solutions have provided sustainable venue seating, carpet and minor demolition removal for both indoor and outdoor infrastructures, including education, sporting and entertainment venues prior to seating installation and refurbishment work.

Pull Out Planning and Management to Avoid Installation Delay

At Optimal Venue Solutions, our teams provide timely professional seating and carpet pull out services, and or minor demolition work to clear the site prior to commencing the seating installation or refurbishment project.

Our Site Clearing Steps include – Delivering an advanced planning process:

  • This includes a thorough understanding of the project with on site inspections to understand the site limitations. Effective project coordination to ensure that clear access points availability and the timely logistical management with the builder’s project manager, possibly other trades and contractors, to achieve smooth work sequences and avoid delays or time not used as effectively as possible.
  • We will then be able to thoroughly allow for acuate project planning, including site safety considerations for the disposal and deliver of goods.
  • We will also liaise with you to schedule times for venue shut downs (if required) prior the removal and demolition works, as well as rubbish bin hiring and sustainable waste recycling organisation if needed.

Responsible Environmental Rubbish Removal and Recycling

When Optimal Venue Solutions carry out a removal and demolition work, they look to recycle responsibly particularly if they are removing old seats or stripping out and removing carpet. Where possible, they separate the waste chair componentry and will distribute items to be recycled. Depending on the state of the carpet and if it is glued to the floor will determine whether the carpet can be recycled or not. We always endeavour to do our best to reuse or recycle the existing carpet.

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