Refurbishment and Service Maintenance Contracts

Refurbishment and Service Maintenance Contracts

When your needs for your venues have changed, we are here to assist to help you see the possibilities.  
Similarly, good maintenance is essential to ensure a longer seating life span, safety and to avoid revenue lost caused by cancellation or postponed due to seating system faulty issue before the event.

Seating Auditing Prior Refurbishment and Maintenance 

Reliability and being capable of taking on new challenges and demands are critical for business to ensure revenue growth and to attract possible new opportunities. Similarly, some venue revenue growth is based around meeting expectations consistently. How? by keeping your venue up to industry standard which includes maintaining all the seating and their systems to ensure they function well each and every time!  

Do you need advise on whether to refurbish or to source and install new chairs?  

Our specialists are able to advise you whether to refurbish or to buy new chairs, based on your needs and situation after conducting a thorough audit of your existing seating for the education, sporting and entertainment sectors.

If you choose we can decipher whether the facility could improve its capacity and potential revenue return and even brand positioning. We will also check the basics for a number of potential issues including general and extreme wear and tear, scuffed, loosened and or broken seats and even cracks in the welding or missing bolts in the seating structure. We will then present the costing and determine with you the viability of repair, replacement and improvements.

After the auditing, Optimal Venue Solutions can provide you with a number of solutions associated with the creation, upgrading and maintaining of facilities to improve audience experience and comfort and to increase income, based on your requirements.  

We can provide:  
  • potential ideas and consultation
  • a major renovation or make over,
  • ideal seating sourcing,
  • project management during the construction,
  • removal of old seating, carpet and cabinetry,
  • upgrade of your concrete flooring surface,
  • installation of seating, carpet and cabinetry
  • continued maintenance  

for Victoria and Australia 

Why You Should Maintain Your Equipment?

Seats like cars and their systems should have a scheduled annual check to advise if all is in working order. Children and young adults in particular, can be tough on seating so it is essential to insure that they are all in good working order to minimise your exposure to risk.

With constant extreme movement, seats can loosen, or even break, bolts can loosen and if completely mistreated welds can crack. Therefore it is advisable to ensure the seating, the anchoring, the frames, the bolts and decking are all in good working order to avoid any unwanted hazards. This is particularly so for cinema, stadium and sporting arenas.

Regular inspection and maintenance of most componentry with moving parts is a wise investment, particularly when it is essential that it is functioning at an optimum level all year round to service various events. Seats and their systems should have an annual check to advise if all is in working order. It is essential to insure that they are all in good working order to ensure the safety of your patrons.

There are 5 main benefits for maintaining your seating/system:
  1. Sustainable functionality  
  2. Prevent revenue lost due to interruptions
  3. Safety of patrons
  4. Avoid a too soon complete change out
  5. Maintain your competency and reputation
So, does your venue needs refurbishment and upgrade?
Or, does your seating need maintenance or repairs or replacement seats?
Or, would you just like to tell us about your project? 

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