VIP/Corporate Suites & Luxury Boxes Seating Installation

Stadium VIP/Corporate Suites & Luxury Boxes Seating Installation

Optimal Venue Solutions are experienced, not only with fixed seating solutions and installations for stadiums, race courses, basket ball and tennis courts and aquatic centres but are able to assist with the installation and or refurbishing of the centre’s corporate suites and boxes.
We can provide a major renovation or make over and project management the construction, removal of old seating and cabinetry, upgrade of concrete flooring, installation of seating, carpet and cabinetry in Victoria and Australia on time and on budget.

Optimal Venue Solutions turnkey seating installation solutions for VIP/corporate suites and luxury boxes including pre-installation auditing, project management, identified and trouble shoot, installations, rubbish removal and union engagement if needed.

Pre-Installation Planning to Identify and Eliminate Any Possible Critical Issues

It is essential for Optimal Venue Solutions to carry out a thorough site survey and assessment and be supplied the latest plans and detailed considerations, to identify which aspects, will affect the smooth installation for your sporting venue or precinct.

Every characteristic of the site is considered to verify the challenges associated with the project itself, as well as the corporate suite and luxury box access, seat positioning and size to optimise the time taken for delivery and installation. This is very important for preparation and bump-in of seating for both union and non union sites.

Effective Time Management to Avoid Delay and Over Utilisation of Manpower

It is also important to understand a new construction sites timeline and actual point of progression, to avoid unwanted under or over utilisation of manpower and time. For instance:

  • If the site is nearly completed the access points can be limited and availability to work lifts or cranes are also limited or not an option which means it takes longer to unload and deliver into the site.
  • Does the flooring need to be rectified in order to properly secure the seating, cracks can cause problems for the anchors .
  • Other trades working can often be in the same area and therefore can limit the availability and access to the actual room or box because of scaffolding or floor items.
  • Container storage also needs to be considered if the job is a larger one, as space can be at a premium and the access point can be quite far from the point of delivery.

Additionally OHS needs to be considered for the project site to eliminate relevant issues and risks to onsite workers and staff from start to finish, particularly when goods are carried in and out of site.

All the above considerations affect the time taken to potentially install seating or to completely fit out a suite or box. If not carefully considered the additional time not accounted for, will affect the cost economy for everyone’s bottom line.

You can read further information details of the pre-installation, click here.

TIP: It is best to predrill the job prior to laying the carpet and then we will coordinate with other trades onsite, particularly the carpet layers to affect the quickest delivery.

Project Management, Project Coordinating and Commissioning

We’re detail oriented and manage your project every step of the way.

The key to project management is communication and developing a close liaison with all those involved to effect a smooth and effective installation. Project Manager and Managing Director, Mark Jeffery, in particular is very proficient at reading plans and can competently work side by side with an architect, a builder or independently if needs be.

Optimal Venue Solutions give you opportunities to discuss, review and approve progress at every stage of the project, co-ordinate with you and other trades to ensure a trouble-free installation. Work with you and colleagues in the company to ensure any changes are accommodated and concerns dealt with to your satisfaction to facilitate a smooth handover at project completion.

Coordinating with Builder and Managing the Seating Distribution

When tackling a sporting stadium and arena, there is a strong likelihood that the builder’s project manager will work closely with us to create access availability, discuss issues and identify which on site machinery etc. is available to assist.

Our installers manage the seating distribution layout/arrangement and dimensions for the best fit and for electrical access if needed. We will also coordinate with you in order to manage Quality Control Inspections and address any concerns if needs be. In addition, our specialist team are able to provide responsible, recyclable, rubbish removal during and after the installation.

ANZ Stadium corporate box seating

Customised Seating Solutions for a Supreme Comfort Experience

If necessary Optimal Venue Solutions have the necessary experience and are able to recommend the suitable seating for your corporate facility, which will ensure the durability and comfort required for corporate entertaining also a luxurious experience for your special guests and members. We offer a number of fixed chairs and seating options, customised chairs from leading designers and reliable global manufacturers. These innovative seats are elegantly designed and provide exceptional comfort for the audience.

The Optimal Venue Solutions installation team are experienced and skilled in every aspect of installations and fixing arrangements, which ensures a professional service and a quality of installation.

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