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Optimal Venue Solutions Install Fixed Indoor & Outdoor Seating as well as Establishing Staging Lighting & Sound

Venue Seating Installation Specialists and Seating Removal

For many years Optimal Venue Solutions have provided turnkey venue seating removal and installations for indoor and outdoor, brand new or refurbished infrastructures from start to finish. These seating installations vary from a large scale projects for the largest sporting stadiums in the world with a 100,000 seating capacity to a small scale projects such as a corporate suite for VIP members or school auditorium.

At Optimal Venue Solutions, our installation teams provide a reliable installation service with either your supplied seats or through our seat sourcing services. We always ensure that we understand your needs and take proactive steps before and during the installation progress to avoid major disruptions and serious delays. These steps include:

  1. Delivering an advanced detailed planning process. This includes a thorough understanding of the final plans and layout with on site inspections. This allows us to not only fully understand the project but we are able to cost the job appropriately to minimise wasting time and maximising your return
  2. Effective project coordination and logistical management with the builder’s project manager, other trades and contractors to achieve smooth work sequences and staging
  3. Defect lists for mutual understanding of timing, management of expectations and challenges that need addressing during and after completion of the job
  4. Quality Assurance Inspections.

Thorough Seating Pre-Installation Planning and Site Inspections (Critical Actions)

Whether yours is a small or large project, they are always unique and advanced professional project planning is definitely required to avoid major errors, future challenges and non-agile work progress sequences amongst trades. These issues may lead to disruption and cause serious delays to your project, and above all, could cost you time, money, worry and frustration at later stages.

Optimal Venue Solutions project manager will engage directly with the key authority on the project, whether that is you, the architect/onsite, project manager, the design team or the construction crew. This is to thoroughly understand your seating project, reviewing the final CAD drawings and seating plans as well as conducting several sites visits.

We are detail oriented and always practice the essential pre-install process, particularly at the work site, which will assist to identify and to manage relevant challenges and risks for disruption. These processes are for instance are the following:

  1. Analyse the entire project’s details thoroughly to eliminate any issues
  2. The site needs to be inspected to identify potential issues, onsite hazards or safety issues and to confirm potential costings
  3. Identify any required demolition/ pull outs and removal works
  4. Identify clear access points for distribution, logistical challenges and site distances
  5. If a union site ensure Union Sites Documentation is in order
  6. Arrange to install seats near the completion of the job to avoid delay and damage from other trades
  7. Confirm scheduled allied trades work in progress timelines and staging
  8. Engage for regular constructive documented communication during and at the completion of the installation project

You can read further information details of our pre-installation process, click here.

Ideal Seats Sourcing for Your Seating Installation

If required, Optimal Venue Solutions have the necessary experience and are able to recommend suitable seating for your venue from leading designers and reliable chair manufacturers at competitive price. These extensive ranges of innovative seats are available in wide array of style, colours, material and finishes, some ergonomically designed. There are a significant amount of options and dependant on your investment; these seats can provide minimal or exceptional comfort and budgetary challenges.

Seating Installation Project Coordinating and Logistics Management

During the seating installation project, our project manager and installers will liaise regularly and get staging updates from the builder’s project manager, coordinate with other trades and third party contractors. These contractors can supply and install items such as scaffolding, demolition work, cable wiring for power or networking, audio systems and lighting and installation timing and need to proceed as the planned timeline. Sometimes we will need to engage with the trades prior to installing the seats to conduct chairs/seating pull-outs, in conjunction with carpet removal and floor surface refurbishment. Together we will discuss, review and ensure concerns are dealt with to your satisfaction.

Responsible Rubbish Removal and Recycling

At Optimal Venue Solutions, we look to recycle responsibly particularly if we are removing old seats or stripping out and removing carpet. Where possible, we separate the waste chair componentry and will distribute items to be recycled. Depending on how the carpet is originally glued to the floor will determine whether the carpet can be recycled or not. We always endeavour to do our best to reuse or recycle the existing carpet. When installing new chairs and componentry, we will divide the protective wrappings and recycle and dispose of the waste appropriately.

You can read further information details of seating installation project coordinating and logistics management, click here.

We Provide Seating Installation for a Wide Range of Venues

Optimal Venue Solutions provide quality fixed seating and retractable (telescopic) seating system installations. Whether you require a mobile system, a permanent fixture such as flat or steep angled flooring, telescopic, bleacher or raked, in a number of configurations such as straight rowed, continental seating, multiple aisle and etc. we are able to produce this for you.

Our highly skilled installers are very experienced and have meticulous attention to detail. More over, work quickly with effective time management to deliver the required results within the scheduled timeline. Our team understands the logistical challenges associated with the creation and evolution of the appropriate installation for a wide range of venue types and sizes.

These include:

Education and Learning Venues:

Schools and Universities Auditoriums and Lecture Halls

VIP/Corporate Venues:

Corporate Suites, Luxury Boxes for Stadiums, Arena, Courts, Football Clubs, Race Courses and Precincts

Sporting Venues:

Basketball Courts, Tennis Courts, Volleyball Courts, Stadiums/Arenas, Aquatic Centres, Race Courses and Gymnasiums

Entertainment and Performing Arts Venues:

Precincts, Auditoriums, Cinema Complexes, Theatre, Art Galleries, Theatrettes, Recording Studios, Concert Halls, Civic Centres and Home Cinema

Government and Local Council Venues:

Civic Centres, Law Courts, Jury Boxes/Rooms, Public Galleries, Multipurpose Community Rooms/Halls, Council Chambers

Fixed Tier Construction

Optimal Venue Solutions can also provide the construction of seating platforms for telescopic bleacher and tiered seating for smaller venues such as school basketball courts and performing arts facilities with limited space and in the need of reconfiguring or converting the space for multiple purpose usage.

Quality Control Inspections

Quality, detail and communication are paramount at Optimal Venue Solutions and we endeavour to produce the best installation possible and we will communicate with you in order to manage Quality Control Inspections and address any concerns if needs be.

How We Address Your Concerns

We are very aware that drop dates are critical and need to be adhered to. If issues do arise either during the installation or at the completion of any job, we will run punch lists to update you on the priority of what needs to be changed or dealt with. If viable we look to handle issues as quickly as possible but if an issue does arise beyond our control, we will offer potential ways to fix the challenge and take your advisement on how you would like these addressed.

Refurbishment and Service Maintenance Contracts

A reliable seating system is critical to eliminate worry and avoid catastrophic outcomes before hosting a large football / basket game, event or function as well as ensuring the safety of users. Optimal Venue Solutions provide seating auditing, refurbishment and maintenance service contracts with scheduled routine service checks and or maintenance.

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