Education Space Conversions & Optimisation

Education Space Conversions & Optimisation

When your school or uni venue needs have changed, there are number of opportunities for an ideal transformation.
When your educational venue is not meeting your requirements there are cost effective solutions to your problem.
Are you looking for space conversion or an upgrade to make that difference to your school/university or facility and not sure which is the best way to proceed?
We are here to assist to help you to achieve a number of possibilities.

Flexible Spaces Deliver Diverse Opportunities

Versatile venue space is designed to essentially maximise functionality and your potential utilisation of that space! The popularity of the flexible indoor areas is due to not only limited availability of space and funds, but this area could also be a clever way to increase out of hours utilisation, especially for schools and other community facilities through renting out the venue. Your auditorium, lecture hall, indoor sporting courts, large classroom etc. could be reconfigured and or refurbished and transformed into a multipurpose venue which could house potential dinners, socials or even a local yoga class etc.

With limited budgets, it is sometimes hard to fathom how best to ensure the viability of your future investment. Optimal Venue Solutions are experts in school and educational space conversion. We work with you to understand what you want to achieve, over what time period and suggest the best way to create a smart space that results in a good economical outcome but doesn’t compromise on quality or safety. We assist you to gain a thorough insight on the potential opportunities of your facility, which could even result, as suggested, in a future return with external patronage.*

*(TIP: This potential external patronage outcome, naturally needs to be supported by the organisation utilising localised marketing with an optimised online presence and of course word of mouth.)

Our Commitment to Deliver Tangible Results

We believe in listening to you and truly understanding your challenges or requirements in order to provide you with an honest and tailored consultation and innovative solutions that benefit you. We usually commence this engagement by delivering a detailed assessment and audit of your current venue space/s.

We have a number of potential solutions to optimise your space/s for instance, indoor & outdoor retractable seating systems when utilised, efficiently reduce or increase in size which means an easy transformation from sporting complex to lecture theatre to dinner dance.

Agile Solutions: Retractable (Telescopic) Systems Utilisation

For many venues such as auditoriums, lecture halls, gymnasiums, basketball courts and others, tiered seating is a must to optimise the use of their space. For some institutions retractable-tiered seating and retractable stages are required to manage multiple events.

Retractable seating allows these spaces to transform with minimum effort in just a matter of minutes, thanks to its easy, quick set up and retrieval operating system. The tiered seating allows for “safe stacking” of seats which, when retracted, take up minimal space. Fully opened you would be amazed at the amount of seating you can obtain into a relatively small area and also no complaints from students, parents or patrons sitting at the back of a venue whose view was in the past blocked.

Retractable Division System for Multiple Occurring Functions

Create more space by dividing your big sporting complex, performing art centres or halls with easy to operate solution like a sliding door/wall etc. to host multiple events or activities at the same time in the divided space. Further more it provides higher flexibility when choosing or planning an event and activities for you to rent out.

Cabinetry Installation for Better Storage Solutions

Do you need more room and a better way to store, sporting, gardening equipment or required resources? We will custom build a storage room to house the necessary items to better utilise your existing storage space. Or redesign the existing room so it is fit for purpose. What ever your need we are here to assist you better manage the functionality of your environment.

Ideal Retractable Seating Sourcing

Depending on your budget and challenges there are extensive ranges of indoor & outdoor retractable solutions on offer, which are engineered, certified to Australian standards and codes to maximise your savings on your capital building costs and in the meantime keeping your students, parents, patrons comfortable when seated for long periods.

Retractable systems are operated either manually or can be automated. The automation models are highly recommended because it saves both time and labour and its swift retraction or rollout means the changeover process is a lot quicker if you are running multiple events. Naturally the automated systems require a little more funding and maintenance.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Retractable Seating

There are a number of systems as mentioned that are ideal for your refreshed space with retractable, telescopic, bleacher and raked systems, which can be an ideal solution to meet this demand. These systems offer mobile, modular or retractable features, which can easily transform the functionality of the venue to another.

Fixed seating also has benefits but in most cases it limits the flexibility of the types of events or activities that can take place. However some institutions are now opting for a combination of both retractable and fixed seating to better utilise the central space. This naturally depends on whether you choose to retain the venue just as a sporting facility or it may be able to evolve as a performing arts space as well, the choice is yours.

Due to the flexible construction of retractable systems and onsite assembly, Optimal Venue Solutions are able to navigate limited spaces with difficult access and adjust where necessary to complete the task at hand. In these circumstances it just takes a little longer to assemble.

Does your school space need a multipurpose transformation?
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