Cinema, Theatre, Performing Arts Centre & Civic Centre Seating Installation

Cinema, Theatre, Performing Arts Centre & Civic Centre Seating Installation

Optimal Venue Solutions provide turnkey seating installations for cinemas, theatre, performing art centres, home cinemas/theatre and other entertainment precincts and complexes. Whether they are newly constructed complex or require renovation, an upgrade and or increased capacity we will manage this for from start to finish.
We provide fixed seating solutions for flat, tiered and sloping floors and retractable, telescopic seating, curved bleacher systems with any configuration including multiple aisle and continental arrangements in Australia and globally, on time and on budget.

Pre-Installation Auditing and Planning to Prevent Project Challenges and Time Delays

Pre-installation planning is critical to avoid major issues, which could cause disruption or delays to your project. Therefore, prior to the commencing the job, Optimal Venue Solutions would suggest we work closely with your builder, architect, project manager, onsite building manager, trades and related contractors for any sized cinema, theatre, performing art centre seating installation.

Together, we thoroughly understand your cinema, theatre, performing art centre or other design project to understand the following to facilitate high functionality for industry standard end user experience by knowing the following:

1) Analyse layout, to eliminate any issues with:
  • Site lines, wheelchair access, exit points and aisle widths against the allotted chair size etc.
  • Chair count, space availability for set outs
  • Poor surface finish which will affect sufficiently secure the seats
  • Problems with finish for Optimal Venue Solutions and other trades such as the carpet layers
  • Positioning for electrical points, row lettering and seat number locations and for accessories such as arms, tables, cup holders etc.
  • Chair count and seat dimensions
2) Thorough Site Inspection

Conduct a thorough site assessment to eliminate relevant issues with general risk and timing issues to avoid serious delay that can cause disruption to scheduled shows or performances and revenue lost. For instance:

  • Understanding the site for clear passage for the deliveries and removals
  • The state of existing chairs and carpeting for removal
  • Ample storage areas
  • Confirmation of the required staff to meet the deadline and identify what if any additional training is required
  • Timing with other trades
  • Location of the site office for,
    – briefings to comply to site expectations, SWMS, supplying the necessary certificates,
    – re-ensuring clear passage for the delivery of the job etc.

Once any issues have been discovered, Optimal Venue Solutions creates effective problem solving solutions, produce a preinstall Punch-List, which try to avoid extra time that could lead to extra cost and without compromising onsite safety. In the meantime, we look to ensure the installation teams have the correct SWMS, white cards etc. for each job if required.

You can read further information details of the pre-installation, click here.

Project Management, Coordinating with Trades to Ensure Seamless Progress

Optimal Venue Solutions installers are experienced and detail oriented. We remove relevant risks and impediments and manage your project every step of the way. Together we will discuss and review your concerns and ensure that they are dealt with to your satisfaction.

Coordinating with Onsite Builder / Project Manager and or Facility Manager

When tackling a cinema, theatre, arts centre and convention centre there is a strong likelihood that the builder’s project manager or onsite facility manager will work closely with us to discuss issues, to create access availability and identify access points and which on site machinery etc. is available to assist. Our installers will then manage the seating distribution layout/arrangement and dimensions for the best fit and for electrical access if needed. It is important that clear lines of communication are in play and look to regularly communicate with those on site to update them with the latest progress report.

Logistical Management and Liaison with Trades

Our project manager will coordinate and liaise with the builder, trades and onsite facilities management, to gain updates on the stage of the building site, but particularly with regards to access for rubbish removal and seating logistics. The various stages of development can affect the availability of access points and installation and dependant of the size of the job will affect the required space to store the seats for installation. For instance some jobs will require enough available space for several 40’ containers whilst others may only be a small truck load.

We will also follow up the work in progress and time frames of respective allied trades and contractors, to facilitate project specifications, product order confirmation and the execution of the delivery to ensure our installation and requirements are met with minimal disruption or delay.

In addition, our team can also manage the demolition work for any chairs/seat/ pull outs in conjunction with carpet removal prior installation, cable wiring for power or networking, audio systems and light fittings and installation where needs be on smaller scaled jobs.

Post Seating Installation

We will also coordinate with you in order to manage Quality Control Inspections and address any concerns if needs be and produce a final Punch-List. In addition, our specialist team are able to provide responsible, recyclable, rubbish removal during and after the installation.

Fixed Seating for Flat Floor, Raked Stage and Curved Bleacher Installation Solutions

For many years Optimal Venue Solutions have carried out installations for movie cinema companies such as Hoyts, Village and Events Cinemas, performing art theatres including Sydney Opera House, Her Majesty’s Theatre, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre – Plenary and ICC Sydney Convention Centres. Our highly experienced installation team are skilled in every aspect of installation and have a intricate knowledge of cinema seating for fixed upright and reclining backrest chairs which require set outs for mounting onto wooden and concrete flat floors, slope floors, raked stages and curved bleachers.

Should You Choose Retractable Seating or Fixed Seating installation?

Historically fixed seating systems have been installed in cinemas, theatres, art centres and other entertainment venues due to the traditional requirements of the venue. The constant utilisation of cinema complexes usually ensures that the fixed seating model performs to task and fits this traditional business model. The choice of seating style, material and finishes that can be utilised is also wide and varied and contributes to the users experience.

However art centres and theatres are looking to optimise their facilities by utilising multifunctional spaces to house as many events as possible. These function spaces need to ensure that there is a greater return from their real estate investment, which is particularly so for schools, universities and convention centres.

There are now hydraulic flooring innovations available, which are able to convert your space from a tiered seated environment to a flat usable floor. Naturally these come at a significant cost and require a large volume of space beneath the floor surface but can carry a large variety of seating. The less expensive option is a retractable system, which will vary in quality, height, capacity and investment but still require vertical space to store the system. You also need to consider the type of chair and comfort required for your retractable system as the options are not as great as the fixed seating option.

Comfortable and Luxurious Cinema/Theatre Seats Sourcing

You can either supply your allocated chairs for us to install or we can offer to source seats from reliable chair manufacturers at competitive price. We have access to extensive ranges of innovative seats that are available in a wide array of style, colours, upholstered, material and finishes, cup holder, armrests, fixed and reclining backrests, some even ergonomically designed. Depending on your investment these seats can provide different experiences and have exceptional comfort to impress and enhance the audience viewing experience.

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