Seating Installation Project Management

Seating Installation Project Coordination and Logistical Management

We’re detail oriented and manage your project every step of the way.
Optimal Venue Solutions installation teams are experienced and detail oriented. We deliver thorough site assessments, identify and remove relevant risks and impediments and manage your project every step of the way. Together we will discuss and review your concerns and ensure that they are dealt with to your satisfaction.

Effective/Agile Project Staging Management With Trades to Eliminate Delay

In most cases, a venue seating installation project may involve numerous trades and third party contractors who supply and install items such as scaffolding, surface tiles and carpet, audio equipment and lighting etc. These works should be delivered by the scheduled timeline and or during the early stages of the build. Sometimes when insufficient liaison and coordination amongst all parties doesn’t happen, during this process, then can be a potential delay in the process or a budget over run becomes more likely.

Optimal Venue Solutions understand the importance of effective coordination and project management amongst the onsite trades to ensure a smooth process. We are able to manage the various work stages if needs be, so the process is completed as quickly and safely as possible:

  • Availability of machinery hire
  • Any demolition work, carpet and seating removal
  • Floor surface refurbishment or rework completed prior to drilling
  • Electrical wiring and cabling and sound installations
  • Painting and wall repairs – Availability of clear passage when seats are delivered or removed
  • Distribution and installation of the seats, parts and or accessories
  • Responsible removal of waste for recycling

Our project manager and installation teams look to ensure open communication with the builder’s project manager, allied trades and contractors and through experience are able to evaluate and solve challenges with viable solutions that assist to avoid potential delays and disruptions.

Seating Organisation, Logistics and Distribution

Most of the time we prefer on site ease of access which is close to the installation to receive seating deliveries and but also for the removal of rubbish, old seats and seating systems. If this is available it will lead to saving time travelling in and out of the venue. This is particularly so with large infrastructure projects like stadiums, convention centres and shopping malls. In some cases dependant on what stage the build is at, we may require additional lifting assistance from the worksite crane, worksite lift or other onsite machinery.

Optimal Venue Solutions coordinate and liaise with the builder, trades and site facilities management, to gain updates on the stage of the building site, particularly with regards to access. The various stages of development can affect the availability of access points and installation. Seating logistics vary greatly depending on the size of the project, the smaller the project, usually there are less issues associated with access. However we continually need to be proactive to ensure that we have access availability and times for containers etc. to avoid encountering the site space restrictions etc.

People Management and Up Skilling

Optimal Venue Solutions often work on both union and non-union sites. Union sites require more documentation and adhesion to onsite regulations, so it is important to understand their requirements prior to entering the site. We look to ensure the installation teams have the correct SWMS, white cards etc. for each job.

When working overseas or on large-scale installation projects for stadiums, convention centres and multiplexes, in some cases additional staff will be required to cater for these projects. Our head seating installer will audit the skill sets of the various teams and then setup the necessary training for the team/s to install the variety of seats required for the job and rotate the teams to ensure they are able to cope with the various stages of the job. For example, we successfully managed teams with non-English speaking to install the various seating stages for Bukit Jalil Stadium in Malaysia.

Responsible Rubbish Removal and Recycling

At Optimal Venue Solutions, we look to recycle responsibly particularly if we are removing old seats or stripping out and removing carpet. Where possible, we separate the waste chair componentry and will distribute items to be recycled. Depending on how the carpet is originally glued to the floor will determine whether the carpet can be recycled or not. We always endeavour to do our best to reuse or recycle the existing carpet.

When installing new chairs and componentry, we will divide the protective wrappings and recycle and dispose of the waste appropriately.

Quality Control Inspections

Quality, detail and communication are paramount at Optimal Venue Solutions and we endeavour to produce the best installation possible and we will communicate with you in order to manage Quality Control Inspections and address any concerns if needs be.

How We Address Your Concerns

We are very aware that drop dates are critical and need to be adhered to. If issues do arise either during the installation or at the completion of any job, we will run punch lists to update you on the immediacy of what needs to be changed or dealt with. If viable we look to handle issues as quickly as possible but if an issue does arise beyond our control, we will offer potential ways to fix the challenge and take your advisement on how you would like this addressed in a timely manner.

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