Auditoriums and Lecture Halls Seating Installation

Auditoriums and Lecture Halls Seating Installation

Optimal Venue Solutions project manage turnkey seating removal and installations for new or existing auditoriums and lecture halls for schools, universities and other higher educational learning facilities in need of refurbishment.
We provide retractable, telescopic and fixed seating solutions for flat, tiered and sloping floors with any configuration including multiple aisle and continental arrangements in Australia and globally, on time and on budget.

Pre-Installation Auditing to Identify and Eliminate Any Possible Critical Issues

Auditorium and lecture hall pre-installation planning is critical to avoid major issues, which can cause disruption or delays to the project. Optimal Venue Solutions work closely with the builder, architect, project manager, building manager, trades and related contractors for any sized seating installations prior to the commencing the job to manage expectations and better understand the scope of works.

2 Important Pre-Install Steps to Prevent Project Challenges and Time Delays

Optimal Venue Solutions installers engage with the architect / on site project manager to thoroughly understand the auditorium and lecture hall design project, CAD drawings and seating plans. Our experience ensures we assist to facilitate high functionality for good end user experience by knowing the following:

1) Analyse layout, to eliminate any issues with:
  • Site lines
  • Space availability for set outs
  • Surface finish
  • Problems with surface finish for Optimal Venue Solutions and other trades such as the carpet layers
  • Positioning for electrical points, row lettering and seat number locations
  • Chair count & seat dimensions
Surface finish survey

Surface finish survey to ensure there aren’t anchor problems or level issues for installation

2) Conduct a thorough site assessment to eliminate relevant issues with general risk and timing issues. For instance:
  • understanding the site for clear passage for the deliveries,
  • ample storage areas,
  • timing with other trades,
  • location of the site office for, briefings to comply to site expectations, SWMS, supplying the necessary certificates, re-ensuring clear passage for the delivery of the job etc.
We Carry the Required Certifications for All Installation Projects

Once issues have been identified, Optimal Venue Solutions create effective problem solving solutions without compromising onsite safety and which also look to avoid costly over time as much as possible.

Optimal Venue Solutions have the correct SWMS for each job when required and each of the team has the appropriate White Cards and certifications such as ‘Working with Children’ for schools or other learning facilities.

Responsible auditorium rubbish removal recycling

We are able to provide responsible, recyclable, rubbish removal during and after the installation

Project Management Coordination and Commissioning for a Seamless Project

We’re detail oriented and manage your project every step of the way.

Optimal Venue Solutions installers are very experienced with all sized projects. We deliver thorough site assessments, identify and remove any relevant risks and impediments and manage your project every step of the way. Together we will discuss and review your concerns and ensure that they are dealt with to your satisfaction.

Coordinating with Project Manager and Site Manager

When tackling an auditorium or lecture hall, there is a strong likelihood that the builder’s project manager or site facility manager will work closely with us. Together we will discuss timelines, the current project stage, availability for us to work without hindrance and identify access points and which on site machinery etc. is available to assist. Our installers will then manage the seating distribution layout/arrangement and dimensions for the best fit and for electrical access if required.

Project Management, logistical Challenges and Liaison with Trades

Our team can also manage the demolition work for any chairs/seat pull outs in conjunction with carpet removal, cable wiring for power or networking, audio systems and light fittings and installation dependant of the level of engagement needed. We are also co-ordinate with other trades to facilitate project specifications, product orders and the execution of the delivery, manage logistical challenges and the installation of orders to ensure a trouble-free installation, on time and on target.

Seats storage

School auditorium seating installtion

Post Seating Installation

We will also coordinate with you in order to manage Quality Control Inspections and address any concerns if needs be. In addition, our specialist team are able to provide responsible, recyclable, rubbish removal during and after the installation.

Retractable and Fixed Seating (Telescopic, Bleacher & Raked) Installation Solutions

Optimal Venue Solutions installers take pride in quality workmanship. We are skilled in every aspect and experienced in installations for retractable seating and fixed seating (telescopic, bleacher & raked) units for auditorium and lecture halls. You can either supply chairs for us to install or we can offer to source seats from reliable chair manufacturers with chairs such as Clarity and Evoke at competitive prices. These innovative seats are designed to be, fit for purpose.

University auditorium fixed raked seating

Retractable Seating vs Fixed Seating installation

It really depends on how flexible you need your space to be. Some venues are opting for a combination of both retractable and fixed seating to increase or decrease the central floor space depending on whether it remains just as a sporting venue or also can double as a concert space and or auditorium.

This flexible option may assist to appeal to the wider community and increase revenue streams with the ability to expand your hiring options. Retractable can be folded away to utilise the floor for other purposes. Fixed position systems suit venues where storage and performance areas are always in the same position and there are greater budgetary restraints.

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