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Our specialists provide seating installations and innovative solutions, to maximise your space so it results in the ultimate flexible “fit for purpose” outcome.

Experienced Effective Space Usage – Venue Seating Project Management

Optimal Venue Solutions is a privately owned, independent Australian seating, staging and audio company founded by Mark Jeffery. For over 30 years Mark has evolved his business to incorporate a variety of auditing, and project coordination/management focused disciplines, to assist his clients with appropriate turnkey solutions to achieve an effective and efficient outcome.

Experienced Project Management and Consultation

Mark’s experience and skill set allows him management any sized project. There may be a small project such as a pull out of old seats and carpet or simple maintenance or refurbishment or a large project such as a auditorium or stadium where he project manages side by side with the appointed builder and or architect. In all cases he understands the challenges associated with construction and delivers relevant experienced problem solving.

Space Conversions and Transformation

Educational building space, particularly schools, is at most times a scarce commodity. Mark specialises in designing multi-use spaces, which allow for staging, audio visual, speakers, tiered/retractable seating, carpeting and even storage where possible. He takes pride in offering different solutions to optimise your new or existing site combined with his many years of experience is able to offer the considered outcomes.

Australian and Global Seating Installation Experience

Optimal Venue Solution’s experienced installation team is constantly up skilled and are required to have meticulous attention to detail as well the ability to work effectively. This results in good time management to deliver the required results within the scheduled timeframe. In addition, they also understand the logistical challenges associated with the creation and evolution of the appropriate seating and space installations for sporting, entertainment and education complexes. On larger sites Optimal Venue Solutions have the correct SWMS and each of the team has the appropriate White Cards and certifications such as Working with Children.

Throughout his pursuit of excellence in seating, Mark has travelled globally with his team to many different venues with different sets of challenges, to project manage and install seating for cinemas, theatres, auditoriums, education facilities and some of the largest sporting stadiums in Australia and the world. For instance, Mark project managed 3 extra non-English speaking work teams, with a various assortment of accountability, to install 84,000 stadium seats in Malaysia recently.

Experts in Seating and Venue Logistics

Optimal Venue Solutions’ extensive knowledge is focused particularly on understanding the logistical challenges associated with the creation and evolution of the appropriate seating and space optimisation installations for sporting, entertainment and education complexes. Mark and his team will manage the shipping of seats from port to storage, storage to site, site to room and the removal of waste to ensure the process is seamless.

Large complex builds often have numerous teams on site, limited time and or thoroughfares, to create opportunities for the delivery of containers directly to the site or into the areas for completion. Dependant on the timely supply of goods to site, will often create challenges operationally and therefore create the need for continuous lines of communication and contingencies developed in order to create good workflow practice for all of those involved. Mark in particular, will either visit site prior to commencement of the installation to gauge building progress and or communicate with other trades to understand their progress to achieve the best outcome.

Smaller builds confront smaller challenges never the less, need to be addressed. Meticulous planning and communication usually counters any foreseen issues for jobs large and small.

For 30 years Mark has encountered the majority of logistical challenges which need to be tackled head on and has created solutions to deal with all stakeholders involved for a positive outcome.

Our Ultimate Goal

Optimal Venue Solutions always look to provide their clients with service solutions at an unrivalled level of quality honesty and integrity, which resolves your needs and builds and maintains trustworthy partnerships with all our clients and our staff to deliver sustainable growth for all involved.

We look forward to working with you.

Our Vision

Whether you’re an architect, developer, builder, theatre consultant or building owner, our goal is to provide you with high quality seating solutions that fit your budget, timeline, and space. In a nutshell, we supply and install high quality fixed seating.

Our mission is simple: we’re committed to providing the highest quality fixed seating services in the world.

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Our extensive knowledge is focused particularly on understanding the logistical challenges associated with the creation and evolution of the appropriate seating and installation for education, sporting and entertainment complexes.

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