Independent Pre-Installation Planning and Advisory

Independent Pre-Installation Planning and Advisory

We believe in building an open and honest relationship with you, to understand your organisational requirements. Together we will analyse the detailed assessment, to deliver a worry free, constructive solution to your challenges to suit your needs.

Early Consultation to Facilitate a Smooth Seating Installation Progress

Do you require assistance with future preparation and or innovative planning for your seating installation or renovation work, to deliver your needs and eliminate planning concerns at later stage?

Optimal Venue Solutions are very capable and highly experienced with pre-installation auditing, planning and provide an experienced perspective for pre-planning for adverse situations or potential changes. We offer an constructive and honest consultation, that is not only feasible but evolve ideas for the best cost effective solution. For instance it could be simply advice on whether should you recondition or buy new chairs or a major decision on how to best utilise your existing space available.

After some thorough auditing and detailed information gathering, we will consult with you; to sharing our relevant experience, giving our unique perspective and ‘out of the box thinking’ to assist to solve your challenges and to give you a better understanding of your opportunities. We can also help you to create the brief to your preferred suppliers or the market in general.

Early Layout Planning

Optimal Venue Solutions can assist when your before or after your budget is confirmed. We can tackle smaller design projects that don’t require an architect or interior designer or analyse CAD drawing seating layouts and seating dimensions and liaise on your behalf if preferred with the architect or interior designer and builder depending on the project size and situation, in order to get the best, cost effective result.

Advanced seating layout planning

5 Essential Pre-Install Processes Which Will Assist to Prevent Future Installation Challenges And Disruptions

Every project is unique and Optimal Venue Solutions need to engage directly with the key authority on the project, whether that is you, the architect/onsite project manager, the design team or the construction crew to thoroughly understand your seating project. This understanding is ensured by reviewing the final CAD drawings and seating plans as well as conducting several sites visits.

We like to also make certain that we remove as much of the uncertainty as possible and be readily available for project discussions when required. Our experience ensures we assist to facilitate the best functionality for a positive end user experience by understanding the following:

#1) Analyse the Entire Project’s Details Thoroughly to Eliminate Any Issues With:
The Overall Project
  • Project budgeting ensuring that there is sufficient budget to meet expectations and so there are no surprises
  • Project size to deliver in the allotted timelines and space allocation confirmation
  • Confirmation of the seat & sundry production schedule and supply timelines
  • Confirmation of timing with other trades to gauge progress to ensure deadlines are met
The Project’s Finer Details

Supply of the final plans/drawings to confirm the following:

  • Site lines, wheelchair access, exit points and aisle widths against the allotted chair size etc.
  • Chair count, space availability for set outs for the optimum number of seats with colour and seat style and dimensions
  • Finite detail confirmation for positioning of row lettering, seat number locations and for accessories such as arms, tables, cup holders etc.
  • Allocation of the sundry requirements such as electrical points, seat lighting, aisle lights.
#2) Thorough Site Inspection

Conduct a thorough site assessment to eliminate relevant issues with general risk and timing issues. For instance:

  • Removal of existing chairs and carpeting
  • Surface finish survey to ensure there are aren’t anchor problems or level issues for installation
  • Clear understanding of the site for clear passage for deliveries and the easy removal of waste
  • Check for safety issues concerning Optimal Venue Solution staff
  • The number of staff required to meet the deadline expectations and deal with delivery distance
  • Allocation of ample storage areas for seamless supply for the installation
  • Reconfirmation of timing with other trades to gauge their progress
  • The location of the site office / facility office for:
    – briefings to comply to site expectations, SWMS, supplying the necessary certificates,
    – re-affirming clear passage for the delivery of the job etc.

Once issues have been identified, Optimal Venue Solutions create effective problem solving solutions without compromising onsite safety, which looks to avoid costly over time as much as possible.

Responsible rubbish and carpet removal and recycling

We separate the waste chair componentry and carpet to be recycled

#3) Ensure Your Union Sites Documentation Is At Hand

Union sites require more documentation and adhesion to onsite regulations in comparison to non-union sites, so it is critical to understand their requirements prior to entering the work site. We look to ensure the installation teams have the correct SWMS, white cards etc. for each job.

#4) Look to Install Seats Near the Completion of the Job to Avoid Delay and Damage

Optimal Venue Solutions understands the venue installation process and is committed to providing you the support you need, to optimise your seating’s life span. The seats need to be assembled on site and therefore we require space to do so. It is ideal to install your actual seats close to the end of a major fit out to avoid clashing with other trades who may potentially degrade your seats appearance. If this can’t be avoided we will look to protect the seats from damage as much as possible by retaining covers and to avoid installing where other trades people are working, if possible.

However it is desirable to remove the existing carpet early on, to inspect the quality of the concrete and to pre-drill the anchors. Once the carpet is installed either by us, or your installer, we then install the seats. Through proper project management from the beginning we look to avoid the above happening.

Cracked concrete floor inspection

Conducting pre-drill floor inspection, for any cracked concrete after the carpet removal

#5) Regular Constructive Communication During and at the Completion of the Installation Project

As Optimal Venue Solutions has completed a great variety of sized projects with differing challenges as mentioned and as much as we thoroughly plan for eventualities with best practice, a few issues are occasionally beyond our control because of time delays or production scheduling and supply.

If this is the case, we will alert the appropriate parties with punch lists during and at the completion of the project, to devise a mutual understanding of what is still required on your site. It is then the architects or project managers decision, if we should action these solutions for you.

Education Space Optimisation, Conversion and Seating Installation Advisory

Are you facing a problem of not enough multiple use spaces and you want to make that difference for your school or organisation?

Advanced Planning Produces Innovative Cost Effective Solutions Which Will Actually Meet Your Multipurpose Needs

Optimal Venue Solutions are experts in education space conversion. We provide you honest and tailored consultations and innovative solutions, by delivering an audit and detailed assessment of your current venue space/s.

These potential facilities could be an auditorium, lecture hall, indoor sporting courts, storage rooms etc. which maybe reconfigured and or refurbished to transform into a multipurpose venue which could house potential dinners, socials etc.

We Take the Time to Tailor Solutions That Benefit You

We work closely with you to listen, to understand and to analyse your challenges faced with your existing venue space and your desired needs for future capacity and comfort. If you intend to construct a purpose built venue we may be able to add value with our seating options. After gaining a thorough understanding of your requirements, we can offer layout service options, fit outs and ideal retractable seating and staging installation solutions, to convert and maximise your space usage.

You can read more about Education Space Conversions and Optimisation here.

Ideal Seating Advisory and Sourcing to Meet Your Venue Needs

Optimal Venue Solutions can offer you a seat sourcing service for your indoor and outdoor sporting or education venue seating installation from leading designers and reliable chair manufacturers at competitive price. These extensive ranges of innovative seats are included to meet your requirements, to replace or to fit your existing infrastructure design. These seats are available in wide array of styles, colour schemes, material and finishes with selections of ergonomically designed seats to provide exceptional comfort for the audience.

So, does your project need expects to assist with advanced planning?
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