Stadium & Sporting Venues Seating Installation

Stadium, Arena, Courts Seating Installation (Indoor & Outdoor)

Optimal Venue Solutions provide turnkey seating installations for sporting stadiums, arenas, tennis courts, basketball courts, gymnasiums, race courses, aquatic centres and other sporting venues and facilities. Whether they are brand new complex or require renovation, an upgrade and or increased capacity we will manage this for from start to finish.
We provide fixed seating solutions for flat, tiered and sloping floors and retractable, telescopic seating, curved bleacher systems with any configuration including multiple aisle and continental arrangements in Australia and globally, on time and on budget

Pre-Installation Auditing and Planning to Identify and Eliminate Any Possible Critical Issues

Pre-installation planning is critical to avoid major issues, which could cause disruption or delays to your project. Therefore, prior to the commencing the job, Optimal Venue Solutions would suggest we work closely with your builder, architect, project manager, onsite building manager, trades and related contractors for any sized sporting stadium seating installation.

It is essential for Optimal Venue Solutions to carry out a thorough site survey and assessment and be supplied the latest plans and detailed considerations, to identify which aspects, will and will not affect the smooth installation for your sporting venue or complex.

Stadium seating layout understanding

Conducting final stadium seating layout understanding

Pre-installation Planning, Assessment to Identify Any Possible Obstacles

Every characteristic of the site is considered to verify the challenges associated with the project itself, seat positioning, seat numbering, colours, styles and size to optimise the time taken for delivery and installation. This is very important for the preparation and bump-in of seating for both union and non union sites.

Effective and Agile Site and Timeline Planning can Avoid Additional Expenditure

It is particularly important to understand the stage of a new construction site or complex and their timeline expectations as well as the actual point of progression, to avoid unwanted under or over utilisation of manpower, equipment hire and time. In order to best manage this conundrum, our Project Manger will coordinate and liaise with your builder, site manager and other trades to identify:

  • A new construction’s limitations and or availability of access points, from everything from entrance areas, work lifts or cranes to avoid extra load/unloads and delivery time into the site.
  • The actual stadium concrete flooring condition, which may need rectification due to cracks or an uneven surfaces. In order to properly secure the seating and avoid delays these defects may need to be amended because they cause problems for the seating anchors and may result in the seating becoming defective.
  • Other trades working in the same area and their required finish dates, whose presence can limit the availability and access to the actual room or corporate box because of scaffolding or crowded floors etc.
  • Container storage consideration especially with a massive sized project, as space can be at a premium and the access points can be quite far from the point of delivery. Moving a considerable amount of items can take time particularly on a busy construction site, and this needs to be managed carefully. With all the gathered information, we can plan for logistical management as well as seeking alternative delivery options when necessary, in conjunction with creating workflow solutions to manage the fastest viable seating installation.
Onsite Work Safety Code Ready

Additionally OHS needs to be considered for the project site to eliminate relevant issues and risks to onsite workers and staff from start to finish, particularly when goods are carried in and out of site. This can be by hand, trolley, forklift or crane and all of these options need to be managed carefully.

All the above considerations also affect the time taken to potentially install seating or to completely fit out a suite or box. If not carefully considered the additional time not accounted for, will affect the cost economy for everyone’s bottom line.

You can read further information details of the pre-installation, click here.

Project Management, Coordinating with Trades to Ensure Seamless Progress

Optimal Venue Solutions installers are experienced and detail oriented. We deliver thorough site assessments, identify and remove relevant risks and impediments and manage your project every step of the way. Together we will discuss and review your concerns and ensure that they are dealt with to your satisfaction.

Coordinating with the Builder and Onsite Facility Manager

Our 30 years of extensive experience with stadium seating installation which includes, Bukit Jalil Stadium, Centennial Olympic Stadium, Centre Court Wimbledon, Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), numerous private and government schools and many other global sporting venues. When the builder’s project manager or onsite facility manager work closely with us, we are able to readily discuss issues on how to quickly install the seats, create access availability and actual access points and which on site machinery, crane is available to assist etc.

Our installers will then manage the seating distribution layout/arrangement and dimensions for the best fit and for electrical access if needed. The various stages of development can affect the availability of access points and installation and dependant of the size of the job will affect the required space to store the seats for installation. For instance some jobs will require enough available space for several 40’ containers whilst others may only be a small truck load.

It is important that clear lines of communication are in play and look to regularly communicate with those on site to update them with the latest progress report.

Logistical Management and Liaison with Trades

Our project manager will coordinate and liaise with the trades and onsite facilities management, to gain updates on the various stages of the building site, particularly with regards to access for rubbish removal and seating logistics. The various stages of development can affect the availability of access points and installation therefore, our manager is proactive with site logistics. We will also follow up on the work in progress and time frames of respective suppliers, allied trades and contractors to:

  • confirm project specifications,
  • facilitate and manage product orders and
  • execute of the deliveries, which ensures our installation and requirements are met with minimal disruption or delay.
Pull Out and Removal of Old Seating and Other Services

In addition, our team can also manage the demolition work for any chairs/seats pull outs in conjunction with carpet removal if onsite prior installation, cable wiring for power or networking, audio systems and light fittings and installation where needs be on smaller scale jobs.

Stadium seats colour layout

Stadium seats colour layout

Stadium stepped concrete floor removal

Concrete floor removal before drilling

Flexible Labour Management

When working overseas or on large scale installation projects for stadiums, arenas, multiple sporting courts etc. in some cases, additional crew will be required to cater for these larger scale projects. Our head seating installer will audit the skill sets of the various teams and then setup the necessary training for the team/s to install the variety of seats required for the job and rotate the teams to ensure they are multi skilled and are able to cope with the various stages of the job.

Post Seating Installation

We will also coordinate with you in order to manage Quality Control Inspections and address any concerns if needs be and produce a final Punch-List. In addition, our specialist team are able to provide responsible, recyclable, rubbish removal during and after the installation.

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Fixed Stadium Seating and Retractable (Telescopic, Bleacher & Raked) Seating Installation Solutions

Optimal Venue Solutions installers are very skilled and experienced in every aspect of sporting venue seating installations. Fixed outdoor stadium seats are usually plastic and directly mounted onto metal railings and then bolted into the concrete stepped floor surface. The retractable seating (telescopic, bleacher & raked) are mostly utilised for indoor stadium and sporting venues. The seats either have a very small frame or a higher frame which allows for leg room which needs to attached directly onto the system by an installer.

Optimal Venue Solutions can either install your supplied seats or we can offer to source seats from reliable chair manufacturers at a competitive price. We look to supply strong durable seating solutions that have great resistance to boisterous messy crowds, are easy to clean and resist harsh weather patterns.

Optimal Venue Solutions installers take pride in our quality workmanship. We are skilled in every aspect and experienced in installations for fixed seating and retractable seating units for the sporting venues. You can either supply chairs for us to install or we can offer to source seats from reliable chair manufacturers with chairs such as Alpha, Matrix, Quantum and many more at competitive pricing. These seats are specifically designed to be fit for purpose.

Football ground seating installation

Seats were covered with plastic during the football ground seating installation in order to protect them from dirt and dust whilst construction was still in progress

Interchange Bench Seating, Corporate Suites Seating Installation and Renovation

Optimal Venue Solutions not only provide general seating solutions and installations for sporting stadiums and venues but are able to assist with the installation and or upgrades for the player’s interchange benches and the facility’s corporate suites and boxes.

Our turnkey seating installation solutions for premium players interchange benches, corporate suites and corporate boxes includes pre-installation planning, sourcing, project management, identifying and trouble shooting issues, installation, rubbish removal and union engagement if needed.

We can provide a strip out, major renovation or make over and project management the construction, removal of old seating and cabinetry, upgrade of concrete flooring, installation of seating, carpet and cabinetry for a better guest and VIP members’ experience.

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